"Your Revolution" lyrics


"Your Revolution"

Do you feel like losing your ambition
while your cries for help are cursed to go astray
“You`re not meant to make your own decisions”
is the line they hide behind their words of praise
But inside your heart there blooms a vision
So don’t let them make your dreams decay
Let this blossom grow, find your volition
Go, make your way

Your revolution
You`ll never know
if you don’t go
Let’s go let’s go let’s go
Find a solution
Don’t let it go
Don’t let it go

“It is hopeless, your weak, you’ll never make it”
are the words they throw in your face again
But you lose if you don’t try to face it
Prove ‘em wrong and show them that they don’t know
how far an outsider can go


Go on
So many times I tried and failed to change my life
Go on
You better make it right
Now it’s your time

Now look upon your sorrow
Accept it as a part of you
that has shaped your heart and mind

[Chorus 2x]

Thanks to JonnyWalker for these lyrics

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