"Riding On The Razor Blade-Trend (Save Me)" lyrics


"Riding On The Razor Blade-Trend (Save Me)"

Dear friends and beloved family
If you find me and this letter
I am gone but I feel better
I live a life of agony
So jaded, blockaded
My relationships are shattered
Feeling like I’m moving backward

Time and time again
you told me, made me see
I’m the one to blame
I don’t want you to think
that you just did forgot

to save me
You were not listening
and save me again
You were all too busy
to embrace me
You had no love for me
I needed a friend
You didn’t come to see me
Don’t hate me
You thought I would be fine
for making it end
You didn’t care what I did
I save me
You didn’t have the time
And now you have to say goodbye

This time the scars go deep for real
You know I’ve become a cutter
It’s the last sweet pain I suffer
My mind’s so numb that I can’t feel
So empty, callously
But tonight it will be over
In the next world I’ll stay sober

Just remember me
No crying, just dying
Soon your wounds will heal
because no one knows
that you just forgot


And don’t blame yourself
Just didn’t want to bother you
So I gave my face a smile
Covered the crying soul inside
I was a disappointment to you
No matter how hard I tried

It was so easy to pretend
that I was fine until the end
I won’t annoy someone again
Cause no one cared or tried to



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