"Forgotten Columbine" lyrics


"Forgotten Columbine"

Are you still asleep pretending everything's alright?
Like anybody who doesn't give a fuck
Society just made another boy go wild
Again a victim's gone insane
The offender he became
It's you who bears the blame

I'm sick and tired of trying
but I won't give up fighting
until we wake you up
wake up wake up wake up wake up
The innocent are dying
Intolerance is who we blame
So we will wake you up
wake up wake up wake up wake up

More cameras and officers they did provide
They pile the pressure but never fight the cause
Don't say you care before you tried to make things right
There's too less protest I can see in this emotional-fake-society


I'll never understand you
Are social misfits what you need?
Does beating them up make you strong?
Is this what you believe?
You'll never understand me
You never even tried to see
It was no more than fun for you
But it meant more to me

[Chorus 2x]

Thanks to JonnyWalker for these lyrics

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