"Cracked Bricks" lyrics


"Cracked Bricks"

I wonder where you are right now
I wonder how you've been along the way
Faded memories of you still haunt my mind
trying to keep the past alive

And still we are the same
Keep running far away
instead of facing all those little problems
We're still afraid to change what happened long ago

The walls we raised grew far too high
Built in rage to save what's left inside
And until the end we had nothing to say
we threw those years away

Even if I would take the first step
I could never get what it takes to feel better
'Cause you won't say you're sorry
not now nor forever (not now nor forever)


I'm sick of feeling
alone and forsaken
Sometimes I wished you'd burn


A single word to say
to put the pride away
and crack the bricks we piled up all around us
A chance to break the walls we raised up long ago

Thanks to JonnyWalker for these lyrics

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