"Stagnant Skies" lyrics


"Stagnant Skies"

These four walls keep my locked up
I surrender to the stars outside my window
In the sickening glare, the moonlight glow
These weary eyes seen the winds of change
Blow across stagnant skies
And the promise of an early end
False and hollow as the messages we send

This forked tongue has praised my friends
And spoken lies, stabbed strange backs
Made friends, enemies and severed ties
These sore feet have crossed burnt bridges
I once myself built
Traversed valleys where history was made
And comrade blood was spilled

I can't go to sleep
This heavy head won't lie down any more
I bore all your crosses
And now my whole body is sore
Can't go to sleep
These walls won't let me any more
This bed lies cold and empty
And it seems that I will lie there no more

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