"Take A Chance" lyrics


"Take A Chance"

i'll say it again this is so much harder than i thought it would be traveled roads a thousand miles times the work i put in just to never have it done anyway cause it's a fact we are the same but nothing just another stupid game in my life that i play in i've got nothing to put in but what i want in the end will never happen cause you never call me i stretched myself through states and traveled east to west to find you what can i say you're slipping away maybe this time i'm just out of your life but if i'm still on your mind i hope we can take a chance so tell me what could i do i'm just left alone tired home and thinking and thinking's always worse because dreaming's just a curse that you put on me it feels like ages ago i couldn't speak about it how could you live without it til you told me you had to go and move away i know we both felt real bad it was a risk that we had to take we were changing it's so whatever to me i'm every place i thought i'd never be and so upsetting to think that by twenty three you'd be happy

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