"Penn To East" lyrics


"Penn To East"

i woke up four hours ago in my bed at home dreams of you are killing me i wished it was easy to get over you and move along instead i playlist epic love songs in my mind i think of you and all of this that we got into distance drove us to different skies losing faith we both know why say you feel like i do can you make this go away just say you want me to come back to you say you need me too will you remember me i'll be outside screaming your name til you hear me i woke up several times last night it's just the thought of you makes it hard to sleep sometimes (i'm alright) i want to tell you what i feel is true it was the only thing you never wanted that's something new you've gotta know i'm gonna let you find out on your own is it gonna get better if we give it time what you said sounded good even though those times are gone you can save me

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