"Let Me Out" lyrics


"Let Me Out"

i know you won’t take me back for nothin and that hole inside your mirror’s making everything impossible to see so you and me we’ll hang out at separate stations considering this is some sort of therapy and i’ll think about nights i lost most bitter fights and how it’s just so useless to try again with you now what the hell am i supposed to do? she caught me and my plans are torn its pure destruction yeah she caught me i was asking for it a separation. So we sit and we had a long awkward conversation about how i’m so hard to trust it’s just that being a boy can really be so hard but you wouldn’t know would you tapped out giving up you don’t even wanna bother anymore it got old but did you have to lock me out and leave me in the cold your safer in your own sheets and i’m better off being alone that’s what i’m told it makes me sick to think to live i’m on my own i thought i found a place that i could finally call home

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