"Hollowed Out" lyrics


"Hollowed Out"

would you think it'd be okay if i could hold you i really think you need it too since we walked into our separate corners butterflies overdue it consumes me breaks me til i'm completely swollen cut up and bruised should have sent me an SOS heads up you win rolling hills surround me the only place that i feel normal when i'm down and since you tried your very best to look right through me what's the point in me wasting time to come down and see you i'm such a fucking waste anymore i've been hollowed out to nothing can you build me up to something maybe rotting away in this state that i've grown to hate not okay such a shame i'm just so alone anymore i can't walk the ground knowing that its all my fault you're fine without me always making excuses i owe it all to my own innocence it's not the fact that you hate me or the way that you said it that has me falling down and breaking in two guess that's the way this shit works you turn around and blame me every time because you say i always put myself first it's not what said but what you did that has me reaching for the rope i'm sinking quickly i hope there's countless nights that you can't stop thinking of me so you can know what it feels to be worthless my best bet is to lay in this mess cause i made it all got nothing left to say to you i just need you here with me

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