"Flight Patterns" lyrics


"Flight Patterns"

from the moment that i met you my heart was sold now there’s nothing left to say or do i feel outnumbered by 95 to 1 at times just know id come to you but i know im not the only one you want but you talked to me like we were making something so much more than i’m used to you smiled at me and let me down so softly why do you do this to me do they really try to call when they know you’re not alone? is this what you wanted we took that boring turnpike home my eyes are swollen four minutes to nowhere there’s not much time to slow down i’m sick of northern new jersey so i watched the planes saw em landing i need distractions for my own sake so you checked your phone is that what you need to take your mind off me say you’re last words to me baby now we’re back at my home i just wish you would hold me i’ll rest alone it’s rest assured that you don’t me i wish that i could see her every week but shes got pictures so i’m glad that she can see me maybe she stares at hanging on her wall in her room in your room am i on your wall do you think of me at all where did i go wrong just know what i miss you all i want is you what makes it seem that we’re so much better off why do you do this to me

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