"Been Thinking Of You" lyrics


"Been Thinking Of You"

Been thinking of you
When I lie
Behind closed doors
We’re safe for so long
Til I can’t sleep by your side
I’d rather waste all of my days
Than wait for you to
Come and say that you
Miss me too
It’s just some days
The rain can pour harder on me
And other days are just a waste
To breathe
I need help I can’t handle it
So I’ll sit
And I’ll try
To think of another direction
To get your attention
Wallow in self pity
Can’t think of charming words
It’s all out of my hands
Know I’m waiting for you
Cause you could still need me
I’ve had some harder days
Girl I can settle down
And it’s just plain to see
But what else can I do
I’m just a waste of life
And a waste of your time
Feel the pain
Cause I can’t stop from dreaming
I gave you a heart to hold
And all I got was a fake crush
I gave you my heart to hold
And all I got was a crush.

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