"Waist Deep In Shit" lyrics


"Waist Deep In Shit"

Sometimes I worry that I'm losing control
That I'm in too deep and I'm killing my soul
I can't tell if my mind's just playing tricks
Try my best to get back in place
But when you suck me off and spit it back in my face
Seems to me the plots grown way too thick
So I lay me down to sleep
Still numb from the cold
Weary eyes are prone to weep
When it all gets old keep trying to no avail
Raindrops slowly turn to hail
The fire below supposed to cleanse impurity
Drop fluff into the pond
And suck it up 'till it's all gone
Plunge headfirst into the void in me
I don't wanna but I've come to know
The feeling spreads down to my bones
With eyes wide shut I can finally see
You reflecting back my misery
I know for sure that you don't give a shit
'Cause you're not and you've never in on it

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