"The Rhombus Is A Square" lyrics


"The Rhombus Is A Square"

Add two to three
Then take the square root
Add one to that and then
Divide it all by two
One point six one eight
Zero three three nine eight seven four
To determine the square you simply
Add one more
Inscribe yourself a circle
Five point at seventy-two degrees
Connect each point to the one after next
and bisect with sect with sixteenth street
Every second is hypotenuse
When you start at five , start at five
Complete the three, find the other two
Motherfuckin' Pythagoras!
Take the cross of everything that am
Ascent into pentagram
The ten's form three and three are one
Reduction can be tons of fun
Four segments
Four points
All the lines are parallel
And all the ends are joined
Angles have been measured
And diagonals compared
Take a step back - oh my god
The rhombus is a square!

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