"Party 'Til You Die Everyday 'Til You're Dead" lyrics


"Party 'Til You Die Everyday 'Til You're Dead"

Gimmie beer, rum, whiskey and gin
A couple pills of amphetamines
One swallowed one up the face
Ditch aesthetics baby, don't bother looking good
'Cause I want tonight to fucking leave a trace'
Two tabs are gonna make me freak
About an hour 'til we start to peak'
Up the mountain and a cab ride home
I've got 24 mg of hydromorphone
That oughta put me right down to a pleasant sleep
Wake up with a finger-sized rail
A quarter-chicken and a pint of ale
A little vapour for us to inhale
And a couple of RC's arriving in the mail
Flappin lips say I waste my money, say I waste my time
I prefer the term suicide but it keeps me feeling fine
Pushin' limits with a nice clean spike
Compounds that I tend to like
Diminishing my lifetime.

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