"L.A.R.P." lyrics



A crimson wave of warfare 'bout to break upon our land
Prepare thyselves my countrymen
To march upon our foe with axe and quarterstaff in hand
Bloodshed until the end

Those rhinohiding knaves will taste our coniferous swords
Tearing through the flesh of cutthroat knaves and noble lords
Focus our rage, ransack lairs, kidnap hot dames
Take 'em home and pray for romance outside the game

Demonstrate supremacy with fireballs and wizardry

Wretched swine come into view as silhouettes in the horizon
With steady gaze we catch a glimpse of the monolithic bison
Its horns are sharp, its will is fierce but it won't stand the test
Spellballs green and weapons black, the relics we possess

Show no mercy! Raise your swords!

Over the many years we've trained in techniques meant to impart pain
Though armaments wrought for immunity
Our dominion thrives when we devote our lives to the conquest
The conquest still remains
Legends of real pain
Our village burned out blood all drained
Reticulated weapons grade
The conquest still remains

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