"If It's Minus You Subtract" lyrics


"If It's Minus You Subtract"

I'm high again throwing money to the door
Comes to an end - cannot take it anymore
The time has come to put my finger on the trigger
Those days are done cause the craft is getting bigger
Our wings will spread from the east to the west
Cause the body needs a head and you know what's best
A victim on our side is worth a thousand of the rest
"Cause the means are justified if you don't confess
We'll keep you down with violence so there is full compliance
We'll keep you down in silence so there's no defiance
Leave it up to us to steal your fate
Sheepishly capulate
Don't forget to procreate
Just wait for that heaven
Gaping mouth and vacant eyes
Glitter brain all tantalized
Prep your lovelies for
Mind erasing, soul replaising
War coursing thru my veins of an animal
Again and again but You's never know
Talking fast but your brain's too slow
You won't know our face
Until it's to late
Now we've all been sentenced to hell
And so we write, write, write
All we fucking do is right

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