"Ghostie De Tabarnak" lyrics


"Ghostie De Tabarnak"

Poltergeist inside my home now, most unholy forces unknown
Great power no visible form now, my homestead ripped and torn
Inside the walls it lurks, malicious fiends at work
Depriving me of my sleep, it's driving me berserk
My hands are shaking, 'cause he's breaking all that he's taking
Making me look like I'm brainsick with antics so exasperating
Is it man? Is it mouse? Tall as a mammoth or small as a louse?
Poltergeist is much too quick now, still up to his old tricks
I'm lying helpless as he's setting traps and sparking the wicks
He's got me waiting on the ratings demonstrating
That I'm not exaggerating the things I sit here contemplating
Try as we might, we just can't get rid of it
We bitch and we whine and we're just wasting time
And still nothing is fine ' cause we just can't get ride of it'
We point and we blame but the question remains
And it all stays the same 'cause we just can't get rid of it'
Hey ghost, get outta my house

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