"Flight Of The Heliocraft" lyrics


"Flight Of The Heliocraft"

Its all for one and one for all
Fear & loathing in Montreal
Ignited what you're seeing here today.
So keep your eyes on the skies
'cause the craft is on the rise
the Turbo Machine empire is not far away
'cause we go live - you know it.
With lobsters made to fight
'cause we go live - you know it
and shopping carts, steak's alright.
'cause we go live - you know it.
and Doris didn't stand a chance
'cause we go live - you know it.
'cause hatus don't need pants, right?
Butt sex - your fucking town is next
Van's full - its us and Jone's anal
Butt sex in turbomanoplex
Speed blows - Esigner dildo
Rock fight comes out swinging chains
Dildo nunchucks bring you pain
Rupert check's in once again
We'll take it all to the end
Its never over 'till it end
516YAE break a drum stick or two
KPMG will never get a hold of me or you
Mister motherfuckin' mayor
Ain't nothing but a god damn fool.
Now Dan's on the case and we're rocking down the place.
Its true, more food more booze.
Turbo Machine's coming through

Well you know, you've seen us before
We've maybe even already met.
Its not so much about adhering to life style
Its that feeling that we suddenly get
So when you see no line on the horizon
You know you better run fast
or hook us up with a place to get lively and a bit of money for gas
and when we're not saving each other's lives
We're hanging out with RRAB and CATFACE
and when we show, you fucking know its the big time
The Enterprise is here to stay


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