"Fiiiiiiight!" lyrics



All alone under cover of darkness
A man is making tracks
Long strides and loaded weapons
Got a head full of facts
Think back to sunny day
When the peace was thrown away
How he's making trouble in the forest on the double
And you better believe that there's hell to pay
Got money then you will with papers
Got power then you don't have neighbors
Cut the cables and unlock the door
Time for revenge on the bedroom floor
No time will make these feelings fade
All's fine when your mind is made
The last bricks in the wall's been laid
As they say, only time will tell
No thought of a new solution
Onslaught and retribution
Will be his only contribution
To this silent night of suburban hell
A smooth bore, a can of gasoline
Creeping down the hall neither heard nor seen
Knock, knock, knock who the fuck is there?
It's your demise, mother fucker, got your kids by their hair!
That's right , lets fight
Your fucking family dies tonight
Let's go, it's on
Blood flows until your clan is gone
Propagate victory, exterminate silently

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