"Escape From Planet Scorpion" lyrics


"Escape From Planet Scorpion"

Scorpus! Don't ignore us! Nurture and guide and adore us!
Descend from the stars with word from afar
A land of abundance before us
Salvation we seek from what's making us weak

Scorplings are in need, a little lift out of cold mediocrity
When not a word hits the back of their heads
Feel like every morning we've been waking up dead
O Scorpus!

Scorpuse! We implore you! Impart on us some sort of fortune!
Send down by the millions a hail of scorpillions
Save us from premature tombs!

Look down upon our open mouths, our sclerotized skin, our blackened eyes weep
Our fingers worked down to the bone
Raise our eyes to the heavens and show that our trust's well placed
We already know that he'll hear us pray and come to our aid
We await that glorious day when the clouds all part and the misery fades
A look of hope upon our face with a vision of the future springing out of our faith

Get over here
Weeks have passed and the days go by and there still has been no sign
Some say keep faith we just have to wait and the others say waste of time
The rift grows bigger and the tempers flare until we're left with two extremes
Optimistic, apocalyptic, false hope or broken dreams

Is there something that we have missed in this planetary chelioceral kiss?

The t's are crossed and the boxes checked and we wait on his next move
When the enterprise was euthanized we didn't know what to do
Word came through the paper and the news that all hope had been run dry
It hit the masses, all hell broke loose 'cause scorpus fed us lies!

The effects of the metasome, we all became the victims of your ass weapon
Sixty frames per second of your psycho shit
The venom's sinking in now we can't deal with it

Where's that scorpus? Caucazoids be buggin' out
What's left for us? It's worse than we thought

Salvation? No way! Light went out before it came
Nothing left for us to say as we gaze upon our beckoning graves
As we gaze upon our beckoning graves

Now no one's left their homes for days
Try to avoid each others' gaze in the silence we maintain
Took the bait and put it all on red
Now we can't stop lying 'cause we made our beds
Denial's the only option that remains

A cloak of emptiness invades where we once met
'Cause now we've lost the taste of what hasn't happened yet
What once was a ray of joy overshadowed by regret
A little voice inside your head says 'it's just what you get'

Shine your light, I won't glow today
My pectines clogged and my face is grey
The aculeus of abandon sinking in
Our beloved planet forsaken it seems
By the scorps, scorpuse and the scorpuline
Denial's now been turned to pure decay

In all our helplessness our situation cuts like a razor blade
Decisions that were made come haunting us today
In a different light our retrospective bites our souls away
When we lose the games we play at such a hefty wager

We must get back to our beloved Heliocraft

Our careful plans for the escape - be free no longer bound and raped
Turbo Machine does not die
Heliocraft sputters back to life, into the sordid air we'll fly
Turbo Machine does not die
Our great machine on which we rely to rise above the filth and lies
Turbo Machine does not die
It's never failed nor will it now as we ascend beyond the clouds
Turbo Machine does not die

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