"Dropping Acid Into The Eyes Of Your Enemies" lyrics


"Dropping Acid Into The Eyes Of Your Enemies"

Dropping acid in your enemie's eyes.
I'll have a tragedy supersized.
I'll have a government privatized.
I'll start a fire with your web of lies.
I'll start a war where everybody dies.
I'll have a government privatized
Well everybody - we're gonna get it right.
"Wu-tang killa bees - we're on a swarm"
We're on a swarm tonight.
Poppin niggaz and cuttin' fuckin' heads off
"I come with that old loco style
From my vocal couldn't peep it with a pair of bifocals
Crew be actin' like they're gangs
Anyways - be like warriors, come out and play"
We're on a swarm tonight, motherfucker.
I said the heliocraft's in flight.

Thanks to Kenevin for these lyrics

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