"Eleven" lyrics



It was eleven years ago
My family gathered round I was the last one to be told
That things would be much different now
Too young to understand completely
Enough to feel this won't be easy

I want you to know that I see right through you
Tears running down your cheek don't mean a fucking thing to me
I can't imagine that your life was perfect
I never even scratched the surface
But we were only 10 years old
How the fuck was I supposed to know

Eleven years now on
My family gathers round and I've never felt so strong
Things are so much different now
Too young to understand completely
21 life's still not easy
Crush everything I thought I knew
Memories of me and you

Rip my heart from my sleeve
Sink it deep inside my chest
Bury me beneath my skin
A stranger to those who knew me the best

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