"Tarantism (Let's Go Out Tonight)" lyrics


"Tarantism (Let's Go Out Tonight)"

She motions baby come on with it, come on with it,
I'm ready for anything, Baby you and me.

I'm feeling so over this, I'll let go of it,
I'm ready for anything, cant you see through me?

She said take me like you want me,
cause you're never gonna get me alone again

Take me like you want me cause you're never gonna get me alone,
and I think you should follow me out!

So lets go out tonight,
I'm gonna show you all the ways I want you,
show me the way that you move your body,
you know I love the way you dance up on me.

So let’s go out tonight,
and we can tear this town apart together,
If you wont speak then I wont wait,
we shouldn’t think about it anyway.

Hold on tight, close your eyes,
just take a breath and hold it in, it will be alright.
What I'm trying to say, is that there is no other way,
I'm thinking you should just stay and take me...

I don't mean to be rude I just have to ask you, are you worth one more?
Off this dance floor you give me one chance more, I'll make it right!

She said "alive, alive is my body tonight,
and I'm dying to feel you inside,
but it's only this way for tonight"

This time I find you where I wanted to,
In time the consequence will find a way to dig at you.
I don't mean to be rude I just have to tell you...

She said "I've done it again, I've done it again,
she's smiling while undoing her dress,
and loving this mess created by the loneliest kiss put on my lips I know …

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