"Get There" lyrics


"Get There"

Pack our bags and hit the road
With a group of friends we know
To the places that we dont
Its how we find out what were made of
As the scenery will change
Between the coastal states

So dont you worry
We drive when we want
So dont ask us to stay

To the west coast and the sun
I won't sleep till we make it
We'll have stories you'll die just to hear
California here we come
So long, say so long
So long before
Before we even get there

Take a day off in July
It's hard here to survive
When we always miss goodbye
Everything we do it for you
So sing along, its not for long
Cause minutes pass before this song is done

Away driving on Sunday
As this fog sets in its not worth the try
So we pull this van aside
And we wait somewhere in L.A.
You call and were laughing
Because we know just what to say

Thanks to Adam Gugliemini for these lyrics

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