"Air We Breathe" lyrics


"Air We Breathe"

The air we breathe the coldest nights
The darkest fears I know
Believing that we'll make it home.

And all the lights and all the roads
Are covered now in snow
But through it all we’re not alone.

I won’t be low
We’ll make it out alive
We’ll be alright.

Here we are by ourselves
The story we could tell
Is enough to keep them listening
This plot unwinds itself
To fill the spaces on their shelf
This chapter we don't know
We’ll keep on writing as we go
Just to show that we mean it when we say
That we’re going our own way.

I won’t be low
We’ll make it out alive
We’re calling out and taking our time
So that you know as long as we’re together we’ll be alright.

Thanks to Dani for these lyrics

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