"Unidentified" lyrics



From the corner of my eye
I see describable satellites
Oh my god I’m all alone
I don’t know what to believe

I must say impressible lights,
visions I’ve never seen
Connecting the dots in the sky,
right in front of me

I got something that you have been looking for
Bottled it if you want it come inside of me.
I been looking for a sign wondering had you follow me?
Did you follow me?

I think you're going in the wrong direction,
if you're coming with me

Maybe I should warn you I lost it all, I lost it all
The time, was never mine, it just a standard procedure
As I figured, all and all I was just a standard procedure

Ageless land narcotic trimigration
Delicate XO skeleton hold the secrets

Thanks to heyisforhorses for these lyrics

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