"Slave Machines" lyrics


"Slave Machines"

Viperous , molested, capacity
Controlled by underground machinery
Put pressure where it’s needed, I can feel
The air hiding for it’s life inside of me
Just like a heart that’s damaged by corresponded birth defects
Developing the reasoning’s the doctors cant find them yet
I was on my way to find it all,
When I stumbled across a hidden proof conspiracy

Was I born off an idea that didn’t quite make it home
What a drag it was to assemble agreements needed to grow
A case in closed by embodiment to trap the dawn of the day
I swallowed the sun hey can you so me now

Crash land in the ocean swallow me up before I drown

Tidal wave salt water graves, endless dept plenty space
Let me know if there is enough room for me
Hallucinate on purpose pretend in never ending non-exciting
Figments of my imagination
I'll never be expecting anything more then I could cook up myself

Rotten brains, left over memories,
I'll be full from that meal for a week
What better then a mindless victim
With no story for anyone to believe

Clasp on your spine, contact your brain,
Project your heart before they go insane
Stair straight until the end stay calm
Reap what you know
Reap what you know
You’re just another story, you're no god
Devil dies, demons cry, but you’re not god
You’re not god

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