"No Time In Ageland" lyrics


"No Time In Ageland"

At the least tell me where were going
Is it somewhere I might know?
What’s up with the funny voices and the faces I don’t know
Allow me to explain
As I spread out through your veins
I never go around with my guard down I'm all about getting paid
Look out man you couldn’t measure the motion
With the ocean trying to rock my swerve
Remove recognizable stairs
One glance could, resolve your pain
As for the strength it
Comes from someone, maybe in outer space
Visions unknown travel the orbits
Message desolate
Imagine what we could learn, with hands fast passed
If I’m not enough for you that’s fine
I'll show you how you should spend your life
When I'm inside of you tonight
I'll show you how you should spend your life
I can barely move a muscle
Still alive I decide to leave
By leverage on the walls
Holding up both sides of me
Not sure where I’m going I just got a lead
Witch path will I choose?
Witch path brings me back to you?
Oh my pretty little baby
Won’t you let me plant in your garden
All you got to do is ask I’ll leave when you want me to
Hey girl wont you look it me, like I look at you yeah
You look so pretty, if not I will understand
Never ending slowly early coming of the morning
Down to the floor expressions warn out over time
I been meaning to demonstrate the visions in your dreams
Last night when I was gone I saw hell.

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