"Unity Mitford" lyrics


"Unity Mitford"

Sounded like fun ‘til he handed you a gunImage on a wall they’re not dead at all
Cities on fire, have another sip of wine It settles you’re nerves
So easy to hate, when you never make mistakes pretending It’s ok.
My friend, my ally set your target on my day, blow my hope away
There’s a sniper on my roof, got her sights set on me explodes my head apart,
Her aim is really sharp she can’t handle reality,
sheds a couple tears for every manshe kills
Converted, perverted
My friend, my axis, it sounded like an alibi
My mentor, my hero, bombs destroy my neighborhood
You love a man in uniform, it’s just another social club
Your coffin is on layaway, you were dead from the first day
His orders seemed straight from the heart
It feels so good to be in charge
Branded by the swastika, lying lifeless in your car
Didn’t die but you were scarred

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