"Whatever It Takes" lyrics


"Whatever It Takes"

Fill them with lies, thill them with hate,
Fill them with envy, whatever it takes
Keep them fighting, spreading your lies
You wont be happy till everyone dies
Now its time to get things straight
All these religions are perverted by hate
Leaders preaching murder in their gods name
Manipulating lies for their own gain
But my religion is hate itself
Hate for your greed and hate of your wealth
Hate for your system that keeps us in chains
Hate for your doctrine that i think is insane
Bow down to recieve your fate
If you worship an image we make
Brought down, now you're a slave
Cause its the decision you've made
Bow down to a ruthless crusade
Brought down by the leader irate
Held down, now you're a slave
Even right here in the home of the brave

Thanks to brandon for these lyrics

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