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Work to death to pay the rent, all your life, any form of government, it's just alike, hunger sickness poverty, constant strife, born poor die poor, fucked for life, if you can't understand, let me explain, the treatment of the working class has never changed, same caste system, different name, same oppression, different chains, scumbag, won't be your slave, there's no way that I'll behave, scumbag, you're all the same, there's no way that you'll ever change, scumbag, won't be your slave, no way will I behave, scumbag, that will never change, cause there's one thing you can't take away from me, freedom of thought that's all I got, the only thing I own and it can't be bought, they're born into cash and inherit the earth, I'm working for him and I don't get what I'm worth!

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