"Pave The Planet" lyrics


"Pave The Planet"

There's no way to bring it to a halt
First they burn it down
And then they spread the salt
Their conservation is a distraction
Compared to the pavement its only a fraction
They change all the laws to fit their own need
To suit the causes of their business and greed
Ass kissing politicians on their knees
They're so easily bribed by these companies
The founding fathers of global disease
They wont stop till they pave the planet
To much profit from their industry
They wont stop till they pave the planet
Nothing will be saved
Green turns to gray
Gonna pave the way
Into a brand new day
Pave, Pave, cover it in concrete
Nothing will be saved!
Paving is the way, smother it in asphalt
Deeper every day!
Sinking knee deep in the mess that we made
It cant be worth the price that we paid
Cuz all that we had is all that we burned
Covered it in concrete cuz we never learned

Thanks to brandon for these lyrics

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