"Melting Pot" lyrics


"Melting Pot"

Thrown inside this so called melting pot
pressed against the walls, the spoon don't hit this spot
crushed up, blackened, burned by the walls we rot
you try to mix it up but separations what you got

the way it looks from here, youth's filled with fear
it's how it looks from here, the mounting storm front
The way it looks, who's at the helm, who steers?
no matter who's in power, oppression turns the gears

steal, rape, oppress - blame it on the next
you guess what's best - but you're always
fucking wrong again- don't try to reach me
keep on grabbing - but it ain't free
brainwashed school - they try to teach me

what's to be done before we all crash
head first into the wall is all it takes to wake up
and realize who's victimized - not you or the man
the almighty dollar in demand - here's the plan
nothing but confrontation
Fueled by distrust and misinformation
keep em fighting and watch disintegration
Keep them down, no win Situation!

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