"L.I.A.R." lyrics



ahead of your game thats where you want to be placing the blame and coning peoples sympathy whats in your head do you feel any shame i called you my friend now i cant stand your name l.i.a.r. your to blame l.i.a.r. you know how i feel if its happened to you people talkin shit that isnt even true its only couse you got nothing better to do shut the fuck up and get a life lies implications and rumors spreading like cancerous tumors lies implications and rumors feeding the hunger of the gossip consumers i dont give a shit what you say or do couse all that shit heard about me isnt even true you should hear the shit that ive heard about you so shut the fuck up and realize riding coat tails for your gain twisting stories add your name speaking highly of yourselfcousing shit for everyone else lie about all those you know can't tell if you're friend or foe words you speak you're full of crap you just better watch your fuckin back

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