"Kill Baby Kill Yourself" lyrics


"Kill Baby Kill Yourself"

Hey you, we call you nigger hunter
We know you're just racist scum,ya
White collar, middle class fantasies
No way! Chased by your own history

The judge says: You gotta pay for your crime
Go to jail! Cry baby don't you cry!
Little D., now he's got to confess,
fears nothing more than the pain in the ass

[Ref.: ]
It's a tragedy but we won't cry - kill baby kill yourself!
We couldn't wait for the day you died

Sniff...sniff...White Powder & some other dope
Find Enlightenment - you should really use that rope
Get high! You know there ain't no turning back
The world will be better when you're gone, when you're dead

Hey you, we called you nigger hunter
Your friends use to speak in numbers
18, 28...up to 84!
Condemned to live a bastard's life as a Zero

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