"Vultures" lyrics



I told them to hold the light, step ahead and don’t look back.
There’s no life left for us.
But you can hear their voices broadcasting on every frequency.
There’s no signs of life.
I’ll walk this road til my lungs give out, holding this weight above my head.
Let me catch my breath. There are no signs of life.
There are no signs of the living.
Say to me this was meant to be this way.
Will you say to me this was made to break apart.
For those behind beware the course you’ve chosen.
For your grace will leave in sorrow.
Your actions lead to nothing.
Because your love fails with every word that you speak.
I’ll pass the time drawing maps of the roads I took.
You will find light to guide you here.
Follow my voice.
I swear I’ll get you out alive.

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