"Voidmaker" lyrics



Changing lines and shifting sides
Coward can’t you grow a spine?
You will fail the test of time
Watch me unwind
Forfeit your birthright to be righteous
The crown was yours
How could you?
Oh, defiant lion tearing your way through life
Oh, Father it’s just me
How do I start to see
Who I was beckoned to be?
I was dormant
The war wages in me
Would it be you who awakens me from the void?
Who slits my throat?
Bleeds me dry only to renew
Father stare from your throne down at me
Please bring help
I can not carry on
On like this any more
You have to kill and renew
Because I can’t stand alone
Give me my worth and I’ll come home
Blood in my teeth but I’m still thirsty
Oh, Father it’s just me
How do I start to see
My defiance
Who I was beckoned to be
I was dormant
My defiance
The war wages in me
Find your worth
Come home

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