"The Traveler" lyrics


"The Traveler"

Come in closer and whisper darkness.
Tell me nothing now that I want to hear.
All These lies burn my ears and scream out for silence.
Your eyes speak loud enough to keep our tongues tied.
Building walls to keep us out.
These bricks laid to rest, can't silence our voice.
Conversing through cracked windows.
Communicating through the broken glass.
Lights shine through the holes in the ceiling.
Opening paths and forcing us blind.
I have found home in the shadows.
I have used cold as my shelter.
I have found warmth in your arms.
We have lost our strength to speak.
A beautiful thief can slip through your fingers
Leave your heart in your hands and bring you to your knees.
But torn and marked up by the scars of the broken
They'll shine through a crowd like a beacon at sea.
Conversing through open windows.
Communicating through the painted glass.
Light shines through the break in the clouds.
Opening doors. They'll shine through a crowd like a beacon at sea.
We have crept from the shadows.
We have found strength in our voice.
We have found no use for your shelter.
We have opened our mouth this time.

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