"Rearview Memories" lyrics


"Rearview Memories"

Featuring Levi The Poet And Bree McAllister

[Bree McAllister monologue]

I missed the cleansing
I missed the wedding
You missed out on so much more than me
In December I watched your daughter grow bitter
Then January came she took off her crown
I watched it shatter when it hit the ground
Hey Bree, it’s ok
You can fall apart everyday
And I’ll pick up the pieces when I can
I’ll stand you on your feet
Like Levi did for me
We’re all going through the seasons
Everyone falls apart
Everyone has to get a new start some times

[Levi The Poet monologue]

What did you see?
I got to know
Was it little Levi peddling down Date Street?
Were you sitting next to your wife with open eyes staring into hers?
Was she telling you “I love you, please don’t go.”
Were you walking Bree down the aisle giving her away to a better man?
I can’t stand it
Was the Devil in the bathroom with you?
Were his hands on the razor?
Was he drawing on your wrists?
Did you see God?
I want to know
I want to know where your soul is
What was it like when you took flight?

[Levi The Poet]

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