"Oregon" lyrics



My mom rests her head
Cries herself to sleep
Cause she thinks she failed
My dad rests his head
Cries himself to sleep
Cause he thinks he failed
Inherit, the wound
Walked in to your room
Staring out at the balcony
Was dad crawling through your memory?
I was the only one to watch you leave
Well I rest my head and I cry myself to sleep
Cause their both lonely
When there’s no need to be
And that kills me
Band around all you broken
We’ll shine a light on words unspoken
We’ll be brighter than the sun
I’ll burn brighter than the sun
I’ll shine brighter than the sun that burns inside of my body
Contributing all the bitterness inside
I’ll wrap around everyone I love and you’ll see everything that I want to be
They’ll be warm with the love

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