"Nostalgia Seeds" lyrics


"Nostalgia Seeds"

This is only gonna make a mess of me
Soon enough you will have to see
This is only gonna make a mess of me
Every day pushing pulling and grinding
In every way defeated failing and breathless
Selling yourself so short
It’s making a mockery of me
Your suicide salvation has only put a veil over your eyes
Though unworthy we can stand and fight
God, why do you feel dead?
It repeats in my head
Over and over again
The thoughts of you and I
I’d trade it all
Nostalgia only lasts so long
Before I forget
If it’s not one thing it’s another
The killing feeling that I can’t save my brothers
The loneliness of my father
The abandonment of my mother
The confused thoughts of my sister
Raining on me
It’s always raining on me
I’m gonna die in this undertow
I’ll turn my back on you
You’ll see
And everything that you wished for me
And all your hopes and dreams will fall
When you see how vile I’ve become
And if you love me then stay
Nostalgia seeds keep on growing
It’s always raining on me
When the water starts to rise
Just remember who sent you

Thanks to Ben for these lyrics

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