"Je Suis Fini" lyrics


"Je Suis Fini"

Are you gonna do anything or just stand there and bleed?
Rise up!
Gain your ground
Be who you were born to be
If it’s never meant anything
Then let it be your crown to claim now
Just keep your eyes to the sky and your feet to the ground
We will reclaim
I’m not the one to blame
The inherited wound that grows inside of me
The light pulls through every seed inside
As the ribs turn to roots
My heart and lungs collide
From this hole they dug for me
It’s everything I see now that I know
It’s gonna kill me
Oh please oh please
release my body from the jaws of the beast
Let my savage triumph be a site for all to see
Day in
Day out
All you taste is stagnation
So spit it out
It’s getting so old
So spit it out
It’s getting so old
So spit
Spit it out
So spit it out
If you come out of the coma
Then we will repeat the end

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