"Hivemind" lyrics



I sleep the sun away
So nothing good can stay
I wish you could settle in my bones
Just for a day
Maybe you’d see how much this is killing me
The foundation of my home is incomplete
I tried to mend the roof on my own
But it’s always raining on me
I’m pulled across state lines
I’m pulled apart
In tow behind the the horses
One day we’ll say we found a way
I know this road seems long but you’ve got to keep up
I’ll never say you failed me
I never was what you wanted me to be
I want to be strong
To make amends
I want to be strong
I want to make amends
Get out of this slump
And breathe again
Don’t you want to be strong and make amends?
Get out of this slump and breathe again!

Thanks to Ben for these lyrics

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