"Dialysis Dreams" lyrics


"Dialysis Dreams"

And there was nothing I could do
I was too far away from you
And there was nothing I could say
You had to let go any way
Everyday I lose a memory
I feel the pull of time
A piece of me dies
A bit of my life unwinds
But I’ll never ask why
Because everyone grows and everybody dies
Last night you came back to life
We took your Ford for a spin
You were driving
You were young again
Please don’t decay
Just stay next to me
These days
I’m missing you
I wish
You pulled through
But there was nothing I could do
To keep the blood rushing out of you
I hope you felt the pull of it all
Broke my back when I hit the wall
And I can taste the sand
I hope your free running wild
With your dreams in my hands
I remember when you lost your leg
And I remember when you lost your hair
And I knew I was losing you
I’m always losing
Could you feel your heart beat fade?
Did it hurt to let go of everything?
Did that bed feel like a grave?
Did I ever cross your mind?
I know I’m just dreaming
You’re never coming back
I’ve got to wake up
You’re never coming back

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