"Broken Birds" lyrics


"Broken Birds"

Broken birds can’t fly
Broken bells can’t sing
Your spine yearns for healing
You can’t seem to believe
Your prayers wings are wilting
The toll it takes on you is relentless
The hands around your throat are your own
You just can’t seem to let go
I hated watching you grow cold
But if you learn to fly you have to let go
Caught in the storm
How did you get here?
Just keep in mind hope is always in eye
There is love in the depths
You feel the Devils breath
I still see you wrapped in the glow
You are the tide beckons me slow
You pull me down
And I wont fight it
I’ll be content
I wont fight it
I want to give my memory to the flame
I want to burn it all away
And now you lose your soul everyday
As it wastes away
You can’t face the day
You waste away
You can’t face the day
You lose your soul everyday
Broken birds fly
Broken bells sing

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