"Young Arsenal" lyrics


"Young Arsenal"

Given the choice I'd rather die by fire
Like cyanide to a tamil tiger
Given the choice will they take you alive?
And a contract is a contract
Or so I've heard it said
But the only one left to sign
Is the one upon your head.

The sound of silence
Such an unsettling sound
But anger still boils
In the underground and
We might just take our cue
A young arsenal poised to move
You might just see it's not just me -
Your fucking enemy

I believe in a sound - the sound of a threat
I believe in the coarse of days
Of days you will come to regret
And grave mistakes were made when you thought
We'd be brought to negotiate
For days of rage pile page upon page
And won't so easily forget

The sound of silence...

The time is short - this time is lent
So we'll try to remind ourselves
Not to go where the others went
They say that path is lucrative
But I'll never follow there for
They bare the curse of numbered days
Crumbling in decay.

And I have heard the new wave
Stirring underground and the next
Time you come around
You just might see.
We won't leave quite so peacefully.

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