"This Is Not A Step" lyrics


"This Is Not A Step"

So bring your tools to this battlefield
For there is a war that they're trying to steal
And remember this is not a step
It's been said before and it's not just me
A million ears can hear.
But who cares, if the heart is missing
Well fuck you!
We're not listening
And we don't plan to
Follow you straight to hell
They offered you a million bucks
But I won't be your "steady fuck"
For I remember a purpose to the point
A reason to resist
Not to line with green
The pockets and coffers
Of the new kings and queens
Of the rebel rock aristocracy
So get out - get out
You're not wanted
Get out - get out
You're not needed
Get out - get out
The lines are drawn
And this is not a step!

Thanks to Peterpunk for these lyrics

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