"Numbered Days" lyrics


"Numbered Days"

And they paid to "do as you're told and you won't get hurt"
And for what it's worth I've also followed
You took the poison - did you enjoy?
For what it's worth I've also swallowed.

But I'm trying! I'm trying!

If I could erect a monument to my inability
At its base it would read - I am sorry
Another familiar face takes its sorriful place
Lined up on the opposing sie
These numbered days may drag us down
But at least we'll know we tried

It makes me wonder if I can resist
As the orders come down to cease and desist,
Because I never gave a fuck -
Gave a fuck what they said
But I wouldn't be so quick to say
That it didn't fuck with my head

But I'm trying! I'm trying!

It doesn't matter if you're dead or alive
Commit! - not to give up the fight
And if every cell - an angry well
With such a dutiful beauty if just might spell
Numbered days
For them

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