"Mass For The Dead" lyrics


"Mass For The Dead"

Do you think I really care
About the fucking new sound
Running through this town
And all these fools running around
Your reason seems
To have fallen to fashion
And when the novelty proceeds fashion
Yes, I've got a fucking question

What's this mean to you?

Such a slave to preconceived disease
Your membership held nothing for me
Just follow rank and file to a guile so
Meaningless that it's got you afraid to
See that we are guilty. Within our own
Confines we signal our defeat
I'm not afraid to say...

They took the sharpest blade
And quietly cut out the part
That mattered and what does this mean
To me?

What's this mean to me?

And after all this time you think we'd
Finally get it right. But all
I see around are the faces worn, the acts
That bring us down. I am guilty, as I
Failed to sound. What I've tried so hard
To place. But I'm not afraid to say

I'm not afraid to say I care.

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