"Left As Your Reflection" lyrics


"Left As Your Reflection"

I pray for all the strength you lack.
I can't accept the knowledge that my model is imperfect
You promised never to be numb
I was staving and you fed
And clothed me in ideals I thought I'd meet you at the top,
But you fell victim to the spoils
Think back to when you were young
Would you be proud of who you have become?
I feel the poison, the poison seeping through the cracks
I am who I thought you were yesterday another false idol.
I'm left as your reflection ashamed I followed
Hey, do you hear me? No regard for spitting images.
It was so important, so important who maps their lives at age 13?
Would you denounce the plans you drafted in my youth?
Now tears are welling up from the smoke blown in my eyes
Your eyes show the ease with which you forget
Turn around and look at me
Don't wash your hands of me
Fall on your sword, say you were wrong.
You owe me

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